close up Tony2We are now casting a magical spell on the world of children’s e-Books by adding  animation to every page.

Welcome to the world of Bobbekins, one of the most innovative ideas for children’s e-Books ever. The magical world of Bobbekins is true to the style of storytelling of old, but designed for children of today.

It speaks from the heart and minds of its authors of magical worlds and dreams that can come true, but it never speaks down to your child in any way.

Producing ‘Real Time Animation’, known to its followers as ‘machinima’. Where ”Computer Generated Images”  is known to many as ‘CGI’, you will not find ‘RTA’ or even ‘machinima’ used very much in main stream media. So what is it? Well it is the art of filming avatars and building sets in games and virtual worlds, such as ‘Second Life’.

A little like jumping inside your computer and directing all the animated characters into your own private film crew, with your own film studio. It is not as flexible as ‘CGI’ because the main frame mapping is pre-set, but it is so much more cost effective and a ton of fun.

You really are only limited by your own imagination and by how much you have mastered the concepts involved. Because the cost of film production is so low compared to any other form of animation, we have a whole new market place opening up, in education, children’s entertainment, multimedia e-Books and commercials.

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